508 Compliant Development

If you are a federal institution or a direct vendor to the Federal government, your business must comply with federally regulated guidelines for Section 508, including web site accessibility. ITG's 508 Compliance solutions meet all the accessibility requirements, providing Websites that adhere to the required standards of this act.

508 ComplianceITG offers Section 508 Compliance Website development solutions for government, government contractors, businesses, non-profit entities, and the private sector. Our team includes skilled web designers and expert accessibility analysts that have extensive development backgrounds and the technical insight needed when developing or testing Section 508-compliant web-based content.

Having a clear understanding of the accessibility requirements and the knowledge to translate the requirements into technical solutions is essential when building a 508-compliant Website. ITG has expert knowledge of how people with disabilities interact with information technology. Not only do we provide a Website that all users can access successfully, we design the Website with forward-compatibility, ensuring that as browsers continue to evolve, your Website remains constantly functional for all visitors.

What is 508 Compliance?

The Section 508 legislation is an amendment to the Workforce Rehabilitation Act of 1973, signed into law by President Clinton in 1998. This amendment requires the information technology of Federal Agencies, including Websites, to be accessible to those with disabilities. The burden is on the Federal Agency to maintain the Website and ensure users with disabilities have access to and use of information that is comparable to that of the general public. Essentially, while the experience may not be the same, all users must be able to access the same information, including images and media files, and complete common tasks, such as buying merchandise or filling out registration forms.

Designing a 508-Compliant site

Websites are fully accessible only when people with disabilities can use them as effectively as people without disabilities. Inaccessible Website design produces a digital segregation. A Website has to satisfy 16 specific conditions for 508 Compliance to ensure a person who is mobility impaired or blind can use the site.

Front End Evaluations

Having a design that is focused on the user typically requires making sure that the flow of navigation and organization of your Website meet end-user expectations before programming of the Website itself begins. At ITG, we can analyze user requirements for your site, generate user interface architecture, create a variety of user interface prototypes, and test designs with users that represent your target audience.

  • Our 508 Compliance Services
  • Consultation and analysis of your current site or site objectives
  • Web development using Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, Section 508 and WCAG 1.0
  • Web accessibility validation testing
  • Present an easy-to-use interface

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