Web Application Development

ITG has come to be recognized for its development expertise and custom Web applications. We make it a priority to build applications that are scalable to expand alongside your growing business, secure to protect your privacy and finances, and modular to ease communication with other applications. Our developers will work with you to ensure that we satisfy your requirements and achieve a level of excellence that only ITG can provide.

Our expert development staff creates web applications with your business's needs, interests, and objectives in mind. Whether you want a Website editing tool that gives you the ability to manage text, images, and pages on your site, or a simple device that converts email leads into your accounting database - the talented developers at ITG will construct Web applications that streamline your business operations. We currently offer content management systems, e-commerce, and customer relationship management applications. We are eager and open to designing new applications based on your business rules. 

Although ITG offers a full range of technical and programming services, listed below are a few of the more popular development services we offer.

Custom ASP and PHP development
Custom Sharepoint development
Paper process to Online application development
CMS Implementation and development

CRM Implementation and development
Custom middleware application development
Anything our clients can think of

Custom Web Applications from ITG can…

Reduce costs of business processes
Streamline business relationships
Open new sales channels
Engage potential customers
Track and analyze marketing campaigns
Increase customer satisfaction
Provide advantage over your competition

In addition to the numerous benefits of our applications, several key features set them apart from the pack. Our applications are scalable and can expand alongside your growing business, they are built secure to protect your company's and your customers' privacy, and reliable to ensure your staff 24/7 access to their capabilities. Additionally they can be used in a broad range of industries, are extremely user-friendly, and facilitate easy communication with other applications.


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Moving ideas, content and computing to the edge of the network and into the cloud to improve efficiencies, launching innovative solutions and continuously finding new ways to improve your corporate assets are only a few of the initiatives we are developing.

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